About Jeanette

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I worked as a School Social Worker for 10 years and enjoyed watching as my students grew stronger and developed smarter choices for themselves. I especially enjoyed the interviewing aspect of social work and preparing students for their future careers, which led me to my next career as a Recruiter. I began my recruiting career in healthcare and eventually progressed on to working in hospitality, medical research, manufacturing and the non-profit arena.

After 15 years in Human Resources, I decided to start my own company which I named Silva Resume Services. It was not long before I was helping clients create resumes and cover letters for a variety of fields including IT, education, administrative services, accounting and nursing, and the list goes on from there. As an Interview Coach, I’ve worked with job seekers to help calm their anxiety about interviewing. I work with individuals who want to fine tune their answers and make themselves feel more confident and prepared once the interview starts. I love what I do and I’m tickled pink when a client calls to tell me that they have landed their dream job!

When I’m not working I spend my time enjoying the arts as well as the great outdoors. You’ll see me out on my snowshoes when winter hits or tromping along a hiking trail when the weather gets warmer. I enjoy art museums, professional dance performances and taking in a good movie now and then.