Disclosing Medical Conditions

One of the scariest things job seekers face is telling a potential employer that they have a medical condition or disability. Whether it be hidden or visible, this often includes discussing accommodations the employer will need to make which may include office arrangements, time off or special equipment. However, there is relatively little information available regarding the disclosure process. This is unfortunate because it can be accomplished tactfully with the right guidance.

As a disabled person myself, I have learned the legalities regarding when one should disclose a medical condition to a new employer. I am also adept at working with you to word your disclosure in a way that makes you look both competent and knowledgeable, while giving the employer the information they need so that you can be successful. I can also work with you to explore accommodations that you may not be aware of.

Most importantly I work with you on building your confidence, focusing on what you CAN do and not what you cannot do!