LinkedIn Profiles

An important part of any job search is creating a strong LinkedIn profile and developing your network of contacts. A solid LinkedIn profile invites hiring managers to check out your skills and accomplishments, which many recruiters do even before arranging for an interview. This is also a way of promoting your skills even when you are not necessarily seeking a new position.

Reaching out to your coworkers, friends, neighbors and other working professionals is an important part of your LinkedIn Network. LinkedIn allows you to stay in touch with your network even when they change positions or move to another location. Your network can prove to be critical when you are a job seeker looking for new company contacts.

If you are looking for a LinkedIn profile update, I can help you to develop a solid profile that showcases your skills and abilities. If you are new to LinkedIn, I can teach you how to navigate through the web site, send emails to your contacts and how to utilize your contacts to make important connections when you are searching for a new opportunity.