Resume Writing

Changing Fields

A large part of my work is creating resumes for job candidates who want to change careers. I do this by drawing immediate attention to the qualifications you already have that you will need to emphasize to make your career transition. I can show you how to redefine your resume, increasing your chances of moving into a new and potentially more satisfying career.

Looking for a Promotion?

Most working professionals seek a promotion at least once throughout their career. It can be challenging to demonstrate to an employer that you are ready and capable of taking on a new, more challenging role. I can redesign your resume in a way that demonstrates your ability to take on a more advanced challenge and emphasizes the experience you already have that enables you to move forward in your career.

New Graduates and Students

It can be challenging for students to develop a resume when they are new graduates that have little to no work experience. I can create a resume that emphasizes the paid or volunteer work that you may not even realize distinguishes you as a qualified candidate. During the resume interview process, I ask pertinent questions that bring out any applicable skills you have already developed and promote them on your resume in a way that emphasizes your competency and readiness for the job.

Just Looking for a Resume Review?

Are you feeling pretty confident that your resume is put together in a comprehensive manner but just want the assurance from a qualified professional that it shows off your competencies the way you intend? I offer resume reviews that give you valuable feedback regarding any adjustments you can make to ensure that your resume is in top shape and ready for any employer to review!

“Jeanette helped me update my resume. Her work was focused with a particular attention to detail and her extensive experience in Human Resources was very evident in the results. Compared to the resume I tried to put together on my own, it was much better worded and very well organized. I have had several recruiters I have been working with review the final product and each of them has commented on the substantial improvements from my original.”
– SEO Professional