“Thank you for the interview practice today, Jeanette. I greatly appreciate your counsel.”

Rehabilitation Technician
Bremerton, WA


“Excellent resume, makes me feel accomplished. Expect to see more people coming your way in the future because I will be recommending you.”

Quality Assurance Professional
Renton, WA


“After being out of the workforce for 17 years and consequently needing an updated resume, I contacted Jeanette for assistance.  Initially, we met over the phone to discuss my background, work experience, the position I was applying for, and my overall career objective.  Within 24 hours, Jeanette drafted an excellent resume based on our conversation and a copy of my old resume.  Not only did this document prove her to be a consummate professional, but it also highlighted her outstanding intuitive nature and insight.  I was amazed that during our initial conversation, Jeanette identified a key core competency of mine that even I was unaware of. 

In addition, Jeanette viewed the resume writing process as a collaborative effort.  Although she was the expert given her 15 years of HR experience, she was very receptive to and welcomed any questions or revisions that I proposed.  

I will seek advice and services from Jeanette as my job search progresses.”

Eugene, OR


“Silva Job Coaching offered me a variety of career building services. Jeanette helped me reconstruct resumes and cover letters that will no doubt help me to better position myself in the job market. 

Jeanette took the time to learn the specifics of my past and current professional experience, as well as my specific industry interests. Then she created two resumes that would address my specific career interests.”

Marketing and Public Relations Professional
Portland, OR


“Thank you for your participation in the NFB Convention. Your presentation at our Job Seminar was thought provoking and informative. I know many of our participants took a lot away from the presentation.”

First Vice President, Disability Organization
Olympia, WA


“My experience with Silva Job Coaching was very valuable. Jeanette was very personable and dedicated to my success in finding employment. Through our conversations, she was able to get a sense of the type of person I am. She took what she learned and helped me put together great cover letters and resumes. From the time we spent together, I was able to take with me the knowledge, skills and advice to confidently put together future cover letters and resumes. I would recommend Jeanette to everyone I know who is seeking employment and needs just a little help to put themselves out there confidently and be successful.”

Pharmacy Technician
Tacoma, WA


“I had a deadline to make for a Washington state job in the technology field and my resume wasn’t up to par. Jeanette was able to make time in her busy schedule to come to my aid and get my documents in order in time to meet the deadline. She is patient, understanding, and has a great grasp of the right things to say to make a potential employer take notice of you. I would recommend her services to everybody.”

Assistive Technology Professional
Puyallup, WA


“Jeanette helped me update my resume.  Her work was focused with a particular attention to detail and her extensive experience in Human resources was very evident in the results.  Compared to the resume I tried to put together on my own, it was much better worded and very well organized.  I have had several recruiters I have been working with review the final product and each of them has commented on the substantial improvements from my original.”

SEO Professional
Issaquah, WA


“I would highly recommend Silva Resume Services.  Jeanette has terrific listening skills, is very supportive, and provided clarity so I could refocus my career search on a new opportunity.  Her knowledge, ideas, and feedback made it possible to reword my resume which matches the specific position I am targeting.  Now, I am confident in sending it out to those new opportunities.”

Program Coordinator
Oak Lawn, IL